Alina Zet

I live and work in Paris. Here I am inspired by atmosphere of creativity and freedom.

In my paintings I use the collage technique, I choose the brightest
details from the pages of magazines, I like to look at different
ornaments and textures and combine them in a picture. I also use
acrylic paints, it gives a picturesque work. I love this effect of
dripping drops)) the picture seems to be in motion. I also love to
make bright accents in my works using gold, silver and glitter. With
these items, the picture looks more expensive)) and looks impressive
and eye-catching. Also in my paintings you can see a lot of small
details, stickers, butterflies etc. I use them to expand the visual
part, volume and content of the picture. So the work can be studied
longer, interlinking its content to its title.
In each new series of works, my style changes and my technique evolves. It is amazing to see that happen.

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